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Kindergarten: Explosion into Learning

At SAMS, the TK/Kindergarten year marks the beginning of what Maria Montessori called the “explosion into learning.” This academic mastery, along with their position as the oldest students, solidifies the students’ self-esteem and develops their leadership skills. This is further instilled by giving lessons to the younger children and demonstrating skills at circle time.

SAMS full-day TK/Kindergarten curriculum includes units that combine language, math, art, science, geography, and history. A low student/teacher ratio allows highly personalized teaching as students learn academic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic using classic Montessori materials.

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"We also feel lucky that our boys got to attend Kindergarten at SAMS. The Kindergarten provides a warm and loving environment where, in addition to getting the children ready academically for the next step in their education, they also learn the importance of being good people and leaders for the younger children, how to relax their minds and bodies through yoga and meditation and get to experience going on field trips to interesting and thought-provoking places. And so much more..."

- Courtney Minisce Orlick