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What is special about SAMS?

SAMS is committed to providing a safe and caring environment for children to embark on their educational journey. The Montessori philosophy's child-centered approach aligns perfectly with this goal, as it recognizes and values the unique needs and interests of each child.

At SAMS, teachers prioritize the holistic development of children, including their socialization, learning, and creativity. They provide gentle and nurturing guidance to support children in these areas, fostering their growth and helping them reach their full potential.

The low student/teacher ratio at SAMS is a significant advantage, as it allows for focused attention and individualized support for each student. This ensures that teachers can build strong relationships with the children and truly understand their strengths, challenges, and learning styles. These strong relationships between staff and students create a sense of trust and security, which is essential for children to thrive in their educational environment.

By honoring and nurturing each child's unique needs and interests, SAMS creates an inclusive and supportive atmosphere where children feel valued and empowered. This approach not only promotes their academic growth but also fosters their social-emotional development and self-confidence.

Overall, SAMS provides a safe and caring environment where children can flourish and develop a love for learning. The child-centered approach, along with the low student/teacher ratio, ensures that each child receives the attention and support they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

“Every child is a unique individual that needs to be understood, respected, admired and unconditionally accepted as a precious gift of life.”

Maria Montessori