Extended Care Programs

Extending Your Child's Day: Early Care, Lunch, And Afternoon Program

Early Care 8:00-8:55 A.M.

Drop-in Early Care, offered every morning beginning at 8:00, provides a calm, quiet environment to ease into the school day. A fully trained teacher supervises activities such as simple art projects, imaginary play, solving puzzles, and more.

Lunch 11:45-1:00 P.M.

SAMS lunch hour is a nice opportunity for social interaction. Following the end of the morning program, the children eat lunch together at tables in the classroom or outside. Lunch is followed by outdoor play. Children can be picked up after lunch or stay on for the Afternoon Program.

Afternoon Program 1:00-4:00 P.M.

The Afternoon Program is available each school day on a daily sign up basis. With credentialed and experienced teachers, the program delivers the essential characteristics and ingredients that parallel the Montessori philosophy in a relaxed and guided environment. As a safe and easy alternative to play dates, the Afternoon program offers continued social interactions with friends and peers and provides a way for children to gradually increase the length of their school day in preparation for Kindergarten readiness.

Children may work individually or in small groups with a variety of enriched activities, imaginary play, organized projects, or theme work that differ from and complement the materials in the classroom. Children have an opportunity to spend part of their afternoon in the beautiful, year round Garden class.

Afternoon Schedule: