Community Events

Welcome to San Anselmo Montessori School! We are excited about all the wonderful events SAMS offers to bring our community together. These events help new and old families get to know each other and bring our parent network together throughout the school year with and without all of our wonderful kids.

SAMS events help to foster a sense of community through shared experiences that provide great benefits not only for parents, but for teachers and students as well. It allows parents to connect to the wonderful teachers and staff outside of the daily drop off and pick up routine, and also brings the entire parent community closer to the students and the learning environment that they thrive in during school hours. These events are a great way to make friends and connect with your fellow parent network and we strongly encourage you to participate whenever your schedule allows. We also strive to keep regular and informative communication through weekly emails, bi-monthly newsletters, and a parent community Facebook group. We look forward to having you join us throughout the year at these special organized events!

There are a number of parent led social events and comittees, which are wonderful wasy to become involved in the SAMS community.

Please feel free to reach out to Michele if you have any questions at