Application Process

Steps in Admissions Process

  1. Eligibility: Your child must be three years old by or on November 1, to be eligible for enrollment for the Summer or Fall of 2023. We do not do diapering, toilet training, or naps at SAMS. We value the growth that happens with our full classroom of students throughout the year, and for that reason we do not enroll year round. Complete the New Student Inquiry form.
  2. Watch video. Once your inquiry is received and you meet the eligibility requirements, you will be sent a video to watch.
  3. Schedule a tour
    After reviewing the video and website including tuition prices, hours and toileting policies, you will be contacted to schedule a tour. During the tour, you'll have an opportunity to meet the Head of School, see the SAMS facilities, and observe the children working in the classroom. Tours offer an opportunity for you to decide if SAMS is right for your child and family before you submit an application. Tours are for adults only.
  4. Submit an application and admission video
    Applications are distributed at the end of the tour. Applications and videos are given a due date. Please note date below.
  5. Child Visit
    The final step in the admissions process is a classroom visit for your child. At the visit he/she will interact with our teachers in a small group setting or one-on-one. This allows us to observe your child in the Montessori environment. Please note date below.
  6. Await the Notification of Decision
    These letters will be emailed and are given a date to return. Please note date below.


Application due date: January 20

Child Visit: February 3

Admissions Notification: February 15